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Moonlight on fields
Flower festival
Sunlight in forest
House on the hills
Cherry blossom trees 2
Patchwork fields with house
Autumn trees
Autumn Hills
Textures of Wicklow
Killiney Hill in moonlight
Frozen north
Poplars by lake
Seaweeds on steps
Textures of Connemara
Connemara Pink Hues
Bluebell forest springtime
spring greens 75x50cm €650
SOLD: Bluebell woods 80x80cm €750
Patchwork hills 80x80cm €750
Crossroads on bog road 60x60cm €650
Cottage and tree 60x60cm €650
SOLD poolbeg lighthouse
scots pines on hill 60x60 €650
SOLD Land and sea
crossroads in winter bog 60x60 €700
Sun gold fields
Melting snows 60x70cm €700
SOLD city on the prairie 100x75cm €950
SOLD Seapoint in moonlight
SOLD  Moonlight on Bray Beach
SOLDPink hues,Connemara.90x60cm €950
SOLD Winter lake Connemara
Beach hut in moonlight 60x60 €650cm
SOLD Winter trees 50x70cm €650
winter hills 50x50cm €550
Winter sunrise 60x60cm €650
SOLD Island Village 700€
SOLD moonlit road 60x70 €650
SOLD Row of poplars 50x50cm SOLD
SOLD cypress trees provence
#SOLD# Big Skies Connemara
Greenfields 1 50x50cm €550
Greenfields 2 50x50cm €550
Greenfields 3 50x50cm €550
SOLD Blue harbour 60x70cm €750
House in Maine 76x60cm €700
SOLD Winter village 80x80cm €900
SOLDSunrise on winter lake 80x80cm €900
SOLD Quiet road Connemara 60x80 €800
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